First, WJH Law Group secured my TN Visa in a short period of time. Second, they were my brother and niece’s immigration lawyers….. (My niece had her) green card approved in just a year and my brother received his E-2 Visa in just a few months.

They are very honest lawyers and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help when it comes to immigration cases.

Vicente Trinidad, CFO
Silver Age Home Health Care

WJH Law Group has assisted us in various issues related to work Visas for talent in the Latin American market.  Their abilities to find us the best solutions, quick turnaround and overall professional competency, mixed in with small business sensibilities makes it a joy to work with them in matters which are typically anything but that.

VP, Finance/Administration
Professional Services Client

I first approached WJH Law Group to help me with my residency permit. It was a long and difficult procedure but (with) the dedication and support of Wafa and her team, everything went flawlessly… Wafa or one of her team members where always available if I had any question.

WJH Law Group made a very stressful procedure seem like a walk in the park. I still use WJH for all my legal questions.

I am today a Green Card holder. Thanks to WJH I am today a happy resident of the USA and can focus on growing my business.

Gilbert Antoine Chagoury, President /Designer
CHAGOURY Couture, Los Angeles

I contacted (WJH Law Group)… to help me organize the E2 investor visa for (myself) and my main employee…they also helped me with incorporation, contracts and later on with other Visa(s).

I had 100% approval on my visa applications. Also they were very responsive, professional and friendly. I will definitely use them again

Florian Moreno, CEO
Euro Forge inc., Glendale, CA

I visited WJH group office to discuss the possibility of filing an asylum case, given an unfortunate incident I’d experienced when I was back home in Syria. Group was very warm and welcoming. I was offered an interview with Wafa Hoballah Esq., who spent up to an hour with me listening to my case…and telling me…what are the processes of the filing…with all the potential possibilities.

When I was sure of my decision, I started to work with the group in filling the application. Leslie Mahley Esq. was taking care of all the details, and explaining to me what I should expect step by step. Group was extremely knowledgeable and oriented with the process. I was successfully granted the asylum status in two months.

Very soon, I will apply for a Green Card through WJH group. I will definitely make sure that WJH group is taking care of my Green Card application, since they have always been on top of things…my experience and satisfaction with them could never be better.

G.S., Doctor of Medicine

(I used WJH Law Group)…basically for a (new) branch office (I was opening) in the US… and to obtain an L1 visa for myself and an L2 for my family…(to work towards) permanent resident status.

WJH Law Group handled all legal issues related to my company. …I could not expect better handling of my case in all aspects.

 Chairman, NRL Logistics

I’ve been referred to Wafa through a friend lawyer that after researching for a good immigration firm he came across the WJH Law Group name. At the very first appointment I understood that Wafa was the right person for me. And I say ‘person’ and not lawyer for a good reason. She has a great heart and she helped me, my wife, my all family and friends through the painful journey of legalizing our status in this country, not only in a legal matter but in the most important emotive roller coaster.

Simply put, lawyers like Wafa and her group are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer her outstanding services in the future.

Filippo Cortivo, Owner/GM
Osteria Mamma LLC

I found WJH Law Group back in 1999, through a friend who referred me. WJH Law Group helped me to file my Asylum application and Ms Wafa stood by (my) side all through(out).  WJH Law Group helped me also with my Green Card and Citizenship application and they did a wonderful job.

WJH Law Group has been so helpful not only to me but also to my family and many other friends that I (have) referred… (They’ve all been very) happy about the results…

Most outstandingly, WJH Law group are so knowledgeable, courteous and can work with you all through the strenuous immigration process.

…When you sign the retainer with WJH, you become family.  I mean the services they give is far beyond the dollar amount in the so called retainer.
I will keep on referring friends to the services offered by WJH Law Group.

D. K.Member of Ugandan Community

WJH law group helped out with my greed card process from the beginning all the till the end. WJH law group walked me through the Citizenship process…

I met Wafa Hoballah more than ten years ago…the majority of the people in my community knew her…They all recommended her services.

What brought me to WJH law group was the treatment and professionalism I experienced working on my case and the outcome of my case. I eventually became a United States Citizenship.

S. K., Founder
Aculex Limousine services, Inc.

I was recommended by a friend to seek the Legal services of WJH Law Group after being placed in Removal proceedings by the Immigration Officer who did not grant my case when I appeared for the political Asylum Interview.

It was such a stressful moment for me until when I met the friendly and welcoming legal team of WJH Law Group. Their dedication, endurance and timely preparations all through the various Court hearings & proceedings were major attributes towards the success of my case which was granted in December 2013.

I would be so happy again to seek the Legal Services of the Law Offices of Wafa Hoballah in case need arises and I therefore recommend any one with Immigration needs to seek the Legal advice and services of the professional team of the WJH Law Group.


I feel that I am taken care of, that the staff is listening to my needs, and always has a quick and appropriate answer.

3B Productions, Producer

I needed to apply for a green card through marriage to a spouse. The application was successful – I received my interview appointment in just 2.5 months! Due to some personal circumstances, the application process was extremely stressful for me, but everyone at WHJ Law Group made me feel very comfortable. Being in a same-­‐sex marriage, I was afraid that I would be treated unjustly, or that my lawyers would not be well-­‐versed enough since spousal green card applications for same-­‐sex marriages since it was still a very new thing for this country. No such thing happened.

I felt very much at ease the whole time, and WHJ Law Group covered all the bases for me, thus alleviating a huge portion of the stress I was feeling at that time. They kept me up to date with every step of the process the whole way through. Wafa and Leslie are top notch!


In June 2013 the United States Supreme Court overturned the “Defense of Marriage Act” as unconstitutional. This decision prompted the extension of federal benefits available only to opposite-sex spouses, including immigration rights, to same-sex bi-national spouses. This made us eligible to file with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Given the nature of our particular case, and understanding we would be facing unchartered territory, we retained the professional services and expertise of WJH Law Group.

Wafa Hoballah’s capable & knowledgeable team assisted us with the preparation our case, including the completion of extensive, detailed paperwork, and provided a list of pre-requisites to gather. WJH Law Group filed the pertinent petitions, including permanent residency in the U.S. Wafa’s team prepared us for our interview date, and Leslie Mahley, one of the WJH Law Group’s associates, served as our counsel in front of an immigration officer.

Leslie was outstanding. She was knowledgeable, always responsive and assertive, which helped us feel confident in our case. She was great at calming our nerves too, and at managing our expectations of the process before we set foot in the room for our interview.

Our case was approved on the spot, immediately lifting a huge weight off our shoulders, and removing the fear of possible deportation, which had hung over our heads for years. This outcome has effectively changed our lives for the better.

WJH Law Group was Knowledgeable, responsive & trustworthy, everyone at WJH Law Group understood our personal story and the stakes involved. They inspired confidence all along – we knew we were in good hands.

P & E

I had been referred to WJH through several clients and friends out of Los Angeles, New York, Beirut, and Dubai. They have worked with Wafa and her team and achieved successful results in both immigration and business transactional matters. I needed a team that had a strong understanding of immigration law and US and Middle East business transactions. WJH was very experienced, highly responsive, credible and professional and were able to handle navigating complex issues with ease. I would recommend to anyone seeking professional immigration help and/or ease of international business transactions from or to the United States.