Business Immigration

Our firm assists companies and individuals obtain nonimmigrant and immigrant visas based on employment and investments.   We also offer other immigration services.  For more information with other immigration issues, please visit our sister website here.

US Corporate, Partnership and Business Law

We represent clients in virtually every area of general corporate, partnership, and business law.  The services we provide include advice regarding the type of business entity to establish, drafting of business documents such as employment contracts, and maintaining corporate books.

We emphasize high-quality, cost-effective service for businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer personalized attention to the needs of our clients, providing a full spectrum of services including representation in civil and administrative litigation, business consultation, review and drafting of contracts, including leases, financing agreements, asset purchases and sales and business restructuring and reorganization.

We will help you and your business with all your transactional legal needs including:

  • Setting up and organizing Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and Corporations;
  • Negotiating and preparing legal agreements, including buy-out agreements, employment agreements, and purchase and sales agreements;
  • Providing written legal opinions where appropriate;
  • Negotiating commercial and business financing, leases, and other agreements

Lebanese Probate, Estate and Family Laws

We render legal assistance to Americans of Middle Eastern origin in family and probate matters and business transactions. We work closely with our clients to select the legal formula that works in their best interest, while considering all possible venues and issues, which might arise out of the conflict of law.

International Law

We provide American businesses interested in doing business in the Middle East with legal, business advisory, and consulting services designed to facilitate success in their chosen business or investment.

We assist American law firms in the following:

  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Execution of judgments against foreign defendants
  • Accessing assets of judgment debtors in Europe, Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East


We represent foreign business and government entities in the United States, including representation rights, contracts, business negotiations and arbitration.

We work closely with foreign counsel to enforce money judgments in the United States. We also assist in various commercial transactions throughout Europe and the Middle East, working with local counsel on each transaction.